Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Busy and Eventful Month

I have to say, the last month or so has been memorable, to say the least.  Between, my mom and her knee replacement, a joint flare up that parked me in bed for almost a week, I have been quite overloaded.

I ended up staying the night at Mom's a lot when she first got home, because at that point, she was so off-balance and sore that we were afraid to leave her alone.  She is doing much better now, praise God.

The joint flare up started when she was in the hospital and continued for nearly a month.  Bad pain the first week, then I progressed to functional but sore.  Bad news: my hands and wrists hurt too bad to knit for a few weeks.  Good news: read a lot of books.

I got my Citron shawl done near the end of last month, and it turned out very cute.  Since I can use it as a scarf as well as a shawl, I am sure it will get a lot of use. 
I am almost finished with my Swallowtail, which will be shawl #4, and have started on Ella, which is a shawl.

On a sad note, our ram has passed away, which makes me sad that he died, but happy that I will no longer have to fear being smashed to death by him.  His progeny live on though.