Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Putting the Dyepot to Use

I had a lot of things planned for today, and dying wasn't one of them, but I just couldn't resist, in the end. I mixed up some peacock blue cushings dye, and threw in a bunch of Izzy's wool. I actually pulled it out a bit early to give it a bit of personality ( you know, dark here, light there). Then I threw in some of Sweet Pea's mohair that Deb W. gave me, right in to the partially exhausted pot, and tossed in some blue food coloring to fill it out a bit, and ended up getting a watercolor effect with blues and greens. I really like it.

Dog class starts tonight, so that will round out a full day. Then the final show of American Idol. I'm routing for Lambert, and Mark and Chris are for Gokey.

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Zom said...

Gee, the colours look beautiful.