Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Design Week Day 3

Today we reveal what yarn we have chosen for our design. I'm going to go a little farther with this post since I'm hijacking StitchinSandy's internet connection and I'm going to have to rely on posting from my phone for the rest of the week.

  I myself have gone with one that is a standby for me, Knit Picks Shadow Lace although any lace yarn will do for this project.  Knit Picks is reliable and comparatively inexpensive, and I purchase their yarn on a regular basis. The color I am using is Snorkel, and it's something that I purchased some time ago. I bought several skeins when they discontinued this color, and am still using it up.  Feel free to use whatever color you choose.

I have already swatched the lace pattern I want to use earlier, and so I have cast on. Still, I'm skeptical of that I've cast on enough stitches.  I'm going to do a 2x2 ribbed brim, and then go into the lace.

I'm knitting the brim with US 1.5 needles, then going into the body of the hat with US 4.

I guess we'll see how this works out.  There are certainly no guarantees that what I am envisioning will actually work out, and the thing I'm most concerned about is my stitch count. I think the design itself will work out, but I wouldn't be surprised if I have to rip out and add some more stitches.


Stacey said...

Looks like your design is coming together!

Anonymous said...

Looks interesting - you should visit Marie/Underground Crafter's blog as she goes into detail about the math behind the pattern - really helpful.