Sunday, February 3, 2008

Green Knitting?

Yesterday, My sister and I went out shopping together. Our plan had been to go out, Barnes and Noble, browse around the store for an extended period of time (think hours, not minutes) I would hang out in the craft section and drool over the half dozen or so knitting books I've been coveting, and she would wander around and look at everything. We would drink cappaccianos and leisurely spend the day in a non-child, non-stress environment. Unfortunately, this dream was derailed.

We both ended up taking our dear sons, hers age 11, mine age 13, because they both needed clothes. Hence the dash from store to store, and a very short (only an hour, and no cappacciano) visit to the book store. Not so fun, and I didn't even buy a knit mag.

We did, however, get to a Chinese buffet for lunch, a family favorite. That's where my green knitting fantasy began. They pop up now and then, whenever I get my hands on something that can be used as knitting tools or knitting yarn. Chopsticks look very much like knitting needles, and I started thinking about recycled knitting projects that people could use them for.

I know at some point I saw an episode of Knitty Gritty, where they used old plastic shopping bags, cut them into strips, and knitted them into a tote bag, or something like that. You can look it up. Anyway, I had visions of people all over America recycling their chop sticks to recycle their old bags. Maybe I should start a Green Knitalong if I don't get laughed off the internet for my daydreaming.

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Susan said...

Hi! - Just wanted to let you know that I closed the Upstate NY Knitters Ring about a year ago. Ring Surf still lets people sign up and sends me the notices though!!!

I wondered specifically where you live knit and spin?!? We have several local knitting groups you may be interested in depending on your locale. I'm also looking for someone to help me get started with spinning. I've had an Ashford Traveler for over a year and have never gotten going on it.