Friday, February 1, 2008

Spin Cental

You all have an idea of what it is that I'm knitting at the moment, but not what I'm spinning. I've got two wheels, a Schacht Matchless and an Ashford Joy, both of which get regular use. Both of them are great to work with.

I'm something of a silk addict. I love to spindle straight silk, and right now I'm working on a couple of silk caps on my Bosworth featherweight. For those of you who haven't worked with silk in this form, I highly recommend it for building up the old arm muscles. Yowza, you draft for miles and you really work at it. It's worth it, though, because you can literally draft it our to frog's hair.

On my wheels, I currently have two silk blends going. On the Matchless, I'm doing 50/50 merino and silk in a cranberry bog colorway. It goes from a pale pink, up through a smoky reddish purple. Really spectacular. That's destined to be a scarf for my mom. On the Joy, I have a 70/30 merino and silk blend in a gem colorway that will hopefully be a pair of socks if I've managed to draft it out far enough. Otherwise, I'm thinking about a pair of mitts.

On the picture front, I did get some pictures of my socks yesterday on my sister's digital, and the batteries died, so it had to recharge. I promise, I will get pictures to you within the next few days, hopefully not just of my socks, but my wheels and maybe even my geeps (goats and sheep).

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