Thursday, February 7, 2008


At long last, here are some pictures, and let me tell you, getting them up and running was a real challenge. I tried Flickr first, and couldn't get them to load up, so I switched to Picasa, which turned out to be ridiculously simple. Just sign in and load up.

All these pics were taken this morning, and when you see the pics of the goats and sheep (collectively known as geeps at our house), you'll see that we had some snow last night, as well as enough ice to lock me out of my car this morning. I ended up attacking it with the hair dryer. Not fun. I thought I was going to end up with frostbite.

Aside from the beloved geepers, which consist of two pygmy goats, Wayne and Garth, as well as the Romney/ Hamp Isabella, or Izzy, and the Cotswold, Gracie, I took several pics of my wheels and different projects. I hope you like them.

On the Ashford Joy, I'm spinning 70/30 Merino/Silk, in Gem colorway, and on the Schacht Matchless, I have 50/50 Merino/Silk in Cranberry Bog.

The socks are my toe-ups on two circs at different stages knitted in Knitpicks Essentials. You can find the yarn and pattern at The pattern is a free download, by the way. If you've always wanted to try socks, this is the pattern to go for. Two at once, so no second sock syndrome, which I suffer from terribly, and there is no set, detailed pattern to follow. Just increases, decreases, and lots of round and round.

The yarn that you see is all my handspun. The bright multi-colored stuff is Izzy's fleece dyed with Kool-Aid and food coloring. I'm a 4-H leader, as well as a homeschool co-op teacher, and I was experimenting with kid friendly, non-toxic dyes. The rest of the yarn is this and that that I've spun over the last few years.

The purse is Amanda's Squatty Sidekick pattern. Give it a Google. I knitted it out of my handspun, then felted it.

Hopefully now that I know how to post pics, it will go easier next time.

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